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We wore Type A as a badge of honor.

Turning automotive innovation into an unexpected experience

INFINITI released a newly redesigned QX50 to its line-up, with a suite of updated performance and tech features. The advanced engine and in-vehicle features allowed the QX50 to adapt to the driver’s every command.

To launch this innovative vehicle, we created an unforgettable experience at Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s premier arts festival. This interactive installation consisted of a QX50 fully wrapped in over 49,000 LED lights and 6-built in, motion capturing cameras. As participants walked towards the vehicle, the motion capturing cameras would pick-up their body movements and display them in a range of green and red colours to simulate the eco and power mode of the VC-Turbo engine. If participants moved slowly, their reflection would light up in green, and if they moved quickly, their reflection would light up in red.

This captivating visualization of the QX50’s performance capabilities allowed users to see the INFINITI brand in a whole new light.

60% of Nuit Blanche attendees visited the activation

17,000 interactions in one night