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We wore Type A as a badge of honor.

Creating discreet protection for women facing abuse
Interval House

During the pandemic, domestic violence increased by 30%. Women were effectively trapped in their homes with their abusers, and the isolation made it even harder for them to reach out. Interval House Women’s Shelter wanted to help. But how could we get lifesaving information into women’s hands, when their abusers were watching their every move?

We put lifesaving information in the one place a man would never look… a tampon.

Our specialized, resealable tampons were imprinted with all the information a woman needs to safely leave her abuser. We sent these tampons to women via direct mail, disguised as free samples. We also sent full boxes directly to nurses, counsellors, and police – people who have contact with women in abusive relationships, even in the midst of a pandemic.

805% increase in women seeking help

Won 2 Cannes Lions, including Creative Strategy
Awarded a Gold Effie