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We wore Type A as a badge of honor.

Reminding house buyers of the irreplaceable value of Realtors

In the world of real estate, many consumers were opting to use online “Do It Yourself” options instead of using the expertise of a REALTOR®. How could we remind people of the irreplaceable value that REALTORS® bring when buying or selling a home?

We realized that nobody wants to live with regret when it comes to the largest transaction of their life. So we reminded people of the dangers of not using a REALTOR® in a way that would get stuck in their heads forever.

We took the hit 80s ballad, “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, and re-imagined it as “Total Regret In My Heart”.

We launched a robust broadcast and digital video campaign that musically dramatized the pitfalls you could encounter if you bought a home alone. And we showed people that without the expertise of a REALTOR®, they might end up singing a ballad or regret.

+283% outreach to a REALTOR®

+8% positive perception of REALTORS®