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We wore Type A as a badge of honor.

Connecting emotionally in a price driven category

How to you create an emotional connection to a price-driven product that is bought on autopilot? Research showed that pet owners buy more paper products than the average household. Royale already had equity as being the “kitten brand” so we leaned into that even more: it was time to give back to the iconic kittens that had made us one of Canada’s favourites. We created the Royale Home for Every Pet Project with the goal of providing support and awareness to the 100,000 shelter pets in need of loving homes across Canada each year. The successful adoption stories were showcased on TV and in social. And, for the first time ever, the lovable kittens were replaced on the packaging with shelter pets and their stories. Additionally, we partnered with pet-lover and tennis star, Bianca Andreescu to create buzz and provided consumers with a valuable offer to drive conversion. It was a triple win for shelter animals, for Royale® , for retailers and for consumers.

26% Sales Growth across paper category

195% basket size increase