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We wore Type A as a badge of honor.

Bringing modern relevance to a classic brand

For the first time in its history, Wonder Bread was now proudly non-GMO. This was great news for parents, who were always in search of healthier choices. But what would it mean for their ultra-picky kids, who love Wonder just as it is?

To convince parents that Wonder Non-GMO tasted just as good as it always did, we leaned into one undisputable insight: Kids always tell the truth. Even when it hurts. And so they would definitely tell you if Wonder Non-GMO didn’t taste exactly the same.

We launched this idea with a TV campaign featuring one overly honest kid. We then extended this campaign in the social space with a squad of honest kids. They spoke their truth about everything from the Oscars to Family Day to the Raptors’ chances of winning another playoff (not good). They even weighed in on that little thing called a global pandemic.

This big idea that extended all the way through to retail convinced parents that it was a taste that their kids would be sure to love. Honestly.

point increase in household penetration
increase in purchase intent
increase in Google searches